Monday, October 24, 2011

Thick n Sticky Chicky!

I've had a request from my family for one my recipes! The kids call it Icky Sticky Chicky! Really I named it Thick n Sticky Chicky! They just never got it right! It costs less than $5.00 for an entire pot that would feed an army! Since it's getting colder this seems like a good one! It's hearty and nutritious! This is the slow cooker recipe but you can adapt it to a pot on the stove. Thick n Sticky Chicky! 6 Chicken thighs (Thighs are great because they are both white and dark chicken and CHEAP because they have bones) 4 pieces of celery 4 carrots Med onion 2 cups of rice Salt, Pepper Yep that's it! Should be able to get all of this for $5.00 or less! In a slow cooker put the thighs, carrots, celery, onions salt and pepper and cover with water. Cook on high for about 4 hours until the chicken falls off the bone. When the chicken has completely separated from the bone CAREFULLY remove the bones from the pot. I use a Chinese strainer to do this. There will be a one large bone and some cartilage from each piece of chicken. So try to remove them all. I leave the skin on for the little bit of fat the dish needs but you can remove it if you really want. Just add a touch of oil, the rice needs some fat to cook properly in the stock. Once the bones are removed and stock is delicious and boiling add the 2 cups of rice. It takes about 2 more hours in the slow cooker to fully cook the rice to absorb the stock. Take care not to burn the rice, if it's not done and it's burning turn the cooker down to low and add a bit more water. It's done when it's THICK and rice has absorbed all or almost all the stock. I garnish it with a shake of parsley on top and serve it in a stew bowl with some bread or a salad. It's a great dinner for a freezing cold evening! It's even better the next day!

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